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Hey, I am Adam Jon Foster AKA Evildaemond, well known for many stupid things. Currently doing Cyber Security at ECU, with a focus on Physical Security and Social Engineering, most of my training has been out of University. I have broken more things than I can count, have messed up in more ways than one, and mostly learn though breaking things or screwing up. If you want to discuss the cybers or anything, my details are below and I usually am open to discussion on anything, and if you want more details on somthing, I am usually able to discuss and help anyone learn.

Some cool stuff I am doing now

  • Master Key Project

    Hunting for sets of Master Key systems and Standardised Key Systems to help people understand why they should replace the original locks of critical appliances (See Elevators).
  • Physical Security Research

    Doing some cool research into physical security, looking into attacking certain types of locks, bypass techniques for both physical locks and electronic systems and RFID attacks.

Upcoming Cons i'll be at


Defcon 26 will be my first trip to Defcon, and hopefully not my last. I have heard so many awesome stories and am extremely keen to see what happens there. If you want to come have a chat or somthing, just come up and chat. I wont bite.

Contact Details

For contacting me about things and such
  • My Details

    A Quick rundown of my details for the extra securty consious. This contains links to all my contact methods, who I am, and things associated with me. This is PGP Signed with my public key, and all future revisions will be stored on the website indefinatly with a change log attached to it.

  • Contact Card (.vCard)

    My contact card is available for download, just to save you the pain to typing it all in, even has the classic image of me in it.

  • Keybase.io

    My Keybase.io account is public and contains all my details for PGP and proofs of websites.

  • PGP Key

    For the people who are lazy, or don't trust Keybase.io, my PGP key is hosted here. If any changes are made, I will update here with a note and publish the revocation/update here.

  • XMPP

    My XMPP address is here, I don't always check it, but usually if you need to contact me securely I will respond. I use TOR Messenger on my system, with my provider forcing OTR.